Books by Cardiff University staff

Keep up with your lecturers’ academic output…

We keep an eye out for books by Cardiff University staff as they pass through the cataloguing department, and try to ensure we add all Cardiff authors to our catalogue records (if there are more than 3 authors we don’t normally add them all).  In January these two were added to our collections.

ReesbookGlasper, Alan & Rees, Colin (2013, eds.) How to write your nursing dissertation. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.  This item was added to the Health Library (Classmark: 808.066378 HOW). 

Colin Rees is a lecturer in the School of Nursing & Midwifery Studies.

Miles book


Rezgui, Yacine & Miles, John (2011) Harvesting and managing knowledge in construction : from theoretical foundations to business applications.  Abingdon: Spon Press.  This item was added to the Trevithick Library (Classmark: HD30.2.R3). 

John Miles is joint head of the Institute of Machines and Structures, School of Engineering.


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