When is a library not just a library? …. When it’s a work of art!

The library: a world history by James W.P. Campbell, photographs by Will Pryce, leads the reader through a tour of the most varied and visually stunning libraries the world over. From the libraries of the ancient world to the 21st Century and beyond, from the most ornate of the The Theological Hall, Strahov Abbey in Prague, Czech Republic to the modern National Library of China, Beijing.


Architectural historian Campbell’s authoritative account of library architecture is matched only by Pryce’s beautifully striking and spectacular accompanying photographs. It just goes to show that libraries, whether they be public, academic or National don’t have to be musty, concrete, lifeless buildings but can be the heart and soul of the town or city.

As the dust jacket perfectly sums up “The finest libraries are repositories not just of books, but also of learning, creativity and contemplations: they embody some of the highest achievements of humankind”

Many of the eighty libraries visited by Campbell and Pryce can be described as nothing short of works of art. The book can, rather unsurprisingly, be found in the Architecture Library!

Campbell, James W.P. (2013) The Library: a world history
ISBN:  9780500342886
Classmark: 727.8 CAM (ARCHI)

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