The lure of the dark side

DarksideOriginating from a conference on Demonlogy that took place in 2006, The lure of the dark side: Satan and western demonology in popular culture, explores the topic of demonology tthrough the three categories of music, film and literature.  The word ‘demon‘ originates from the classical Greek ‘daimon‘ which means spirit, and orginally covered good and evil spirits.  The introductory chapter provides an overview of the history of Satan and demonology; so we are told about the ‘fallen angel’ and musicians making pacts with the devil.

“From testimonies of encounters with demons in early modern Scotland to contemporary Satanism and Norwegian black metal, and from the manifestation of evil in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter to the demonic in Harry Potter, this collection provides a tour de force of the demonic in Western popular culture.” (p. 1)

If you’d like to read about ‘personifications of evil’ and how they pervade our popular culture, then you can find this book in ASSL.

Partridge, Christopher & Christianson, Eric (2009, eds.) The lure of the dark side: Satan and western demonlogy in popular culture. London: Equinox.
ISBN: 9781845533106
Classmark: BF1543.L8  (ASSL)