Murder at Cardiff University?

groes cover

This recently catalogued Welsh novel features a murder at Cardiff University. A history lecturer discovers the body of his head of department in his office (presumably in the newly renamed John Percival Building, aka the Humanities Building). It’s a thriller with a historical theme, revolving around the whereabouts of the relic of the true cross which was taken from the body of the last native Prince of Wales, Llywelyn , after he was killed at Cilmeri in 1282. The trail leads the lecturer “beyond the safe confines of academia”, according to the publisher’s blurb (not very safe, if murders are already taking place in the history department!)

We’ve been wondering if there are any other novels which use Cardiff University as a setting. Let us know if you can think of any!

You can find this book in the Salisbury Collection on the top floor of the Arts & Social Studies Library (in the newly reclassified sequence at the end of the collection).

  • Jones, Lyn & Hopkins, Mel (2012) Y groes naidd
  • Llandysul: Gomer
  • ISBN: 9781848515390
  • Classmark: Celt PB2299.J669.G7 (ASSL, Salisbury Collection)