The Great Unfrocked!

UnfrockedThis title has appeared amongst the many donations we receive each year that particularly caught my eye.  More sinners than saints, Times Columnist Matthew Parris’ book looks at the colourful history of some of Britain’s clerics. Whilst more modern misdemeanours and scandals may make the front pages of the tabloids today, Parris illustrates that these scandals are no recent phenomena!

This witty and humorous book regales scandalous tales of the Reverend Roger Holmes, the self-declared ‘Knicker vicar of North Yorkshire’, the patron St. George of England and many more.

From the dust jacket we learn the secrets behind ‘Pope Joan, exposed as a woman before a crowd of thousands when she gave birth riding a horse … And we discover what drove the notorious Rector of Stiffkey, the ‘prostitutes’ padre’, who exhibited himself in a barrel on Blackpool promenade and died denouncing the Archbishop of Canterbury in the jaws of Freddie the circus lion in Skegness’.

Parris, Matthew (1998) The Great unfrocked: two thousand years of scandal.  London: Robson Books.
ISBN: 1861051298
Classmark: BV4392.5.P2 (Bute)

The predecessor to this book ‘Great Parliamentary Scandals’ is currently on order for ASSL