What happened to the crew of the Titanic?

titanicRMS Titanic, of the White Star Line, sunk on her maiden voyage to New York on 15th April 1912.  We often hear the stories of the passengers of the Titanic, and the differences between 3rd class and 1st class, but if the fate of the crew of the ship has ever crossed your mind, then a volume produced by the List and Index Society might go some ways to enlightening you.  The authors of the book have looked at crew records in the National Archives to piece together what happened to the crew members who survived (4 out of 5 lost their lives).

Violet_Jessop_sOne stewardess, Violet Jessop, went on to survive yet another shipping disaster, when she subsequently served on board HMHS Britannic.  In 1916 this ship hit a mine laid by a U-boat; although Jessop did make it to a life-boat she hit her head on the keel of the ship in the process (p.10).

A collection of personal stories, and a tool for further research, this volume is available for use in SCOLAR.

Cronan, James & Dempsey, Janet (2011) ‘Ship lost’: the fate of Titanic’s crew.  Kew: National Archives (List and Index Society; vol 343).
ISBN: 9781906875282
Classmark: Folio DA25.EA (History Research Collection, SCOLAR, ASSL)